Linda Glaz The Substitute Bride

substituteFive Star Wonderful

This story was so well written, I was hooked from the first page til the last.  The concept of Rebecca Layne having amnesia was so intriguing and quite a twist from other mail order bride stories I have read.     There are more twists as the story progresses and over all makes a very pleasant read.   I highly suggest you read this

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Jared Callahan’s mysterious bride

Rancher Jared Callahan eagerly awaited the arrival of his mail-order bride. But instead of the kindhearted woman who wrote about escaping her constrained city life, the beauty who arrived in his remote frontier town couldn’t remember anything. Not him, not their long-distance courtship, not even her own name. What is he going to do with this petite spitfire?

Dazed and confused from a railway accident, Rebecca Layne finds herself saying “I do” to the handsome stranger who claims to be her betrothed. But as feelings for Jared blossom, the mysteries of her past threaten to unravel her life at the seams. Only when the truth is finally revealed can this marriage of convenience ever become a true union of love.